48V 500W Bicycle Conversion Kit


Electric Conversion Kit – 48V, 500W, 26″ wheel

    Driven by a 12 Fet, 25A controller, the motor is capable of exerting 74Nm (54.5 foot pounds) of torque at a stall, more than twice the torque of a 500W direct drive motor. This means you can climb much steeper hills and carry much heavier loads.


Max efficiency: 91.6% @
Max power output: : 943 Watt
Max Current: 23.46A
Max Torque: 74.1 N.m

To drive a large diameter bicycle wheel requires high torque, but modest RPM. A gear-reduced motor has many advantages compared to a direct-drive of equal power: it weighs less, it can produce much greater torque, and will consume less current from the battery at low speed. All of these advantages are offset by it’s single major disadvantage: mechanical complexity and reliability.

Driven by a 12 Fet, 25A controller, the motor is capable of exerting 74Nm (54.5 foot pounds) of torque at a stall, more than twice the torque of a 500W direct drive motor. This means you can climb much steeper hills and carry much heavier loads. As a comparison to achieve such torque, a direct drive motor would weigh at least 8.0kg and needs to be powered by 48V controller with minimum 35A current.

The lack of regen braking is cited by some direct-drive vendors as a disadvantage of gear-reduced motors. While the freewheel bearing does make regenerative braking impossible, the wasted braking wattage is more than offset by the more efficient acceleration.

It has taken over 10 years to source a gear-reduced motor that will withstand the gear-crunching forces it must endure, but since 2012 Motorino has relied on the Bafang line of gear reduced motors and cover them with two years warranty.



Extremely high torque, over 70Nm at stall
Geared motor provides efficient acceleration and hill-climbing
More power and range than a 36V system
Reliable and back by a 2 year warranty (from a 10 year old established company)
Simple and intuitive to operate
Easy to install rear wheel kit
Range: 25-35km (15-22 miles) per charge without pedaling
Speed: 32 km/h (20mph) using motor power only (governed speeds)

Component Parts:

Brushless geared 500W motor laced into a 26” wheel
12Ah 48V Lithium Ion battery mounted in cargo rack
Motor controller integrated into battery rack
7speed rear cassette (8 and 6 speed also available for low clearance mounts)
King Meter Display features voltage, speed, odometer, chronometer
Split-twist hall-effect throttle and matching grip
Cable style brake levers with integrated microswitches
Mounting hardware for battery rack and motor
Cadence sensor (PAS)
Magnetic speedometer


Motor 4.42Kg (9.72lbs)
Battery 4.4Kg (9.7Lbs)
– Controller 0.6Kg (1.32lbs)
Charger 0.8Kg (1.76Lbs)
Brake lever and PAS 0.70Kg (1.54Lbs)
 Rack – 1.2Kg (2.6Lbs)
 Total 10.6Kg (23.3Lbs)

Detailed motor specs:

Make: SuZhou BaFang Electric Motor Science Technology Co., LTD

74Nm (54 foot-pounds) torque at stall
Torque and rpm curve; add and discuss (pdf link)
Weight of motor and mounting hardware 4.42Kg (9.72lbs)
Weight of motor in the stock wheel with 8 speed cassette 5.78Kg (12.72lbs)
Nylon planetary gears will withstand the significant torque, without the noise of steel
Mounting lugs for ISO 6-bolt disc brake

Detailed Controller specs:

External waterproof with waterproof connectors
12A (570W @ nominal V) continuous rating Current rating
25A (1300W @ nominal V) peak rating Maximum current
Dual control inputs for throttle and cadence sensor
120 degree phase angle*
 42Vdc Cut out (protection voltage)
Controller 0.52Kg (1.15lbs)
Throttle adjustment voltage:1.2v-4.4v
Dual control inputs for throttle and cadence sensor

Detailed Battery spec:

Nominal Voltage: 48V Nominal Capacity: 11 Amp-Hours
Bulk Charging voltage: 54.6
Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Oxide Cathode
Nominal energy content: 508 Watt-Hours
Constituent cells: Samsung 18650 22P  2.2Ah cylindrical cells
Configuration: 13s5p
Cell Voltage: 3.7V nominal 4.2V charging
Cell Protection: Overcharge, Overdischarge, Cell balancing during recharge
30A PCM, 30A ATC fuse on discharge lead
Extruded aluminium case deadbolts to rack for security and easy removal


Make: High Power Technology (Kunshan) Inc.

Model: HP8204L3
Operation: CC/CV/Float
Bulk charging current: 2.5/1.5A
Chemistry: Li-ion
CV output voltage: 54.6V (4.2*13) [48VDC/3A] Input voltage: 115/230VAC
Hz 60/50
Red/Yellow/Green light operation indication
10A 125V/250V Fuse
On/Off switch

AC to charger connector (removable)
DC to batteries from charger (removable)

Detailed rim spec:

26” nominal diameter (26” diameter with a standard tire)
Double walled alloy construction
36 2.2mm (13 gauge) spokes
20 ⅛” (510mm) internal rim diameter
22 ½” (572mm) outer rim diameter
Compatible with standard 26” bicycle tires, higher quality tires and tubes recommended


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