36V 350W Front Wheel Conversion Kit


Motorino Conversion Kit – 36V, 350W

    Driven by a 12 Fet, 15A controller, the motor is capable of exerting 45Nm (33.2 foot pounds) of torque at a stall, more than a 500W direct drive motor.


The major advantage of a geared motor conversion kit is that you are reducing the weight compared to direct drive motor and increasing the torque at the same time.The gear reduction of high efficiency high speed motor is capable to produce a torque equivalent to more than twice the same power of direct drive motor.Driven by a 12 Fet, 15A controller, the motor is capable of exerting 45Nm (33.2 foot pounds) of torque at a stall, more than a 500W direct drive motor.

The front wheel conversion will further reduce the total weight and although it is rated at 350W nominal power the amount of torque that produce makes it capable to climb much steeper hills and carry much heavier loads. The robust planetary gear reduction provides also a better acceleration than many 500W direct drive motors.

The lack of regen braking is cited by some direct-drive vendors as a disadvantage of gear-reduced motors. While the freewheel bearing does make regenerative braking impossible, the wasted braking wattage is more than offset by the more efficient acceleration.

The quality of the gear material the overall motor quality and the extensive tests we have performed give us confidence to back it up with two years warranty.



High torque with low consumption – 42Nm with 12A draw
Geared motor provides efficient acceleration and hill-climbing
45% lighter than 48V kit
Reliable and backed by a 2 year warranty
Easy to install front wheel kit
Range: 20-30km (12-20 miles) per charge without pedaling

Component Parts:

Motor: 350W brushless geared laced onto a 26” rim
Battery: 9Ah 36V Lithium Ion, bottle mount compatible
Control Panel: LED three assistant levels
Thumb throttle, handlebar mounted
Cable style brake levers with integrated microswitches
Mounting hardware for battery pack and motor and zip ties
Waterproof controller pack in cast aluminum box
Pedal Assist Sensor with 12 magnet PAS disk


Weight: Motor4.4kg, battery 3.02kg, Controller 0.5kg, total – 8.1kg
Motor: 42Nm torque on stall, high speed with 6:1 reduction
– Sensorless hub motor, can be throttled from a stand still
– 10A (360W nominal power), 15A (540W peak power)
– High density original Nylon planetary gears
– Mounting lugs for ISO 6-bolts disk brake
Controller: waterproof external mounting with waterproof connectors
– Nominal voltage 36V, minimum operating voltage 31.5V
– Current limit 15A, continuous rating 10A
– Sensorless – throttle control motor from a stand still
Battery: 18650 MnO 10S4P pack with 30A BMS
– Current limit: 17A, Continuous rating 10A
– Cycle life: 80% after 300 full cycles. 70% after 500 cycles
Charger: CC-CV-Float, bulk charging current 2.5A, Li-Ion chemistry Output/input voltage: 42.0Vdc/100v-240V 1.8A max
Rim: 26” nominal diameter (26” diameter with a standard tire)
– Double walled alloy construction


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