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Motorino XPn
Vintage Styling- Now 60V with a sine-wave controller!

The MOTORINO™ XPn, introduced in 2010and it won’t go away anytime soon since it proved to be the best seller among our elegance appreciative customers.
The Motorino XPn has a powerful headlight, large gauges (now digital) and chrome trim creating a vintage aesthetic, reminiscent of the 12 Yamaha Vino. Its longer wheelbase and ergonomic seat can comfortably carry two riders, even up hills; and is well proportioned for both tall and short riders. The Motorino XPn sports hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels, equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Like all other Motorino XP models the XPn is powered by our unique CCT driving system.
Starting in 2015 All Motorino XPn are equipped with 60V battery and state of the art Sine-Wave controller. The energy losses with this controller are much lower which results in less heat generation. and longer range without sacrificing the torque. They are absolutely quiet and regenerative brake is smooth, preventing the immediate high current rush which is very beneficial for the battery regeneration, especially for the Lithium batteries. This also increases the battery recharge efficiency. The regenerative CCT brakes efficiently recover braking force, converting the bike’s inertia into electricity which is returned to the battery.
The XPn is available in sharp black, light blueand dark red, as well as solid white which makes it an ideal platform for personalization and advertising.

User's Manual ( Click here to download )
 Parts list ( Click here to download )
Motorino XPn
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  Pearl Blue
  Dark Red

Unique CCT drive system
More about CCT

Hydraulic ABS brakes
More about ABS

Motorino XPn Side view    
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Dimensions & Weight

  • without battery: 68kg
  • with battery:97kg
  • Loading capacity: 120kg
  • Carton dimensions: 169 x 39 x 109cm

Power System

  • 500W 60V oversized high torque CCT brushless regenerative motor
  • Max torque –66 Nm
  • Motor consumption: 1000W per 100km
  • Motor Controller: CPU controlled,CCT regenerative, programmable
  • Battery - 60V 20AH SLAVR
  • Battery protection: Low voltage cut off protection
  • Charger: 3A input AC 100 - 240V, Triple Protection
  • Charging: on board
  • Charging time: 5-7 hrs with standard
    and 3-4 hrs with rapid charger*
  • DC/DC 60/12V 10A innverter input/output protected
  • 12V/10A cigarette lighter plug inverter*
  • Circuit protection: automatic breaker

Tires & Wheels

  • 10” aluminum motorcycle wheel
  • Tubeless all weather 3.5” wide tires
  • Motorcycle grade DOT approved 8 layers tires with ABS protective shield


  • Mechanical: front and rear hydraulic disk brakes with ABS
  • Electric: front and rear regenerative


  • Built-in motorcycle remote alarm
  • Lock on the under seat storage
  • Handlebar locking

Standard Features

  • Lights: Head – high/low beam, direction lights, tail, brake - 12V bulbs
  • Motorcycle grade mirrors
  • Dashboard indicators: speedometer, battery capacity indicator, turn signals indicators
  • Pedals: Clip type
  • Seat : Double seat 82cm above ground
  • Storage: under the seat

Accessories included

  • Built in remote vibration sensitive alarm with two remote controls
  • Rain cape – poncho type with hood and window for head light
  • Rain cover for the bike
  • Tire repair kit

Extra features, upgrades and accessories

  • 4A continuous fast charger
  • 12V,10A cigarette lighter plug inverter
  • Battery desulfator
  • Helmet - open or full face
  • Windshield
  • Portable compressor
  • Hand warmers

Body & Chassis

  • Colors: black, light blue, white or red
  • Shell: Composite ABS with two coats epoxy paint
  • Frame: Motorcyclegrade high tensile steel frame
  • Hydraulic front suspension, 2 shock absorbers per wheel
  • Safety: Side mirrors,front and back turn signals, tail and brake lights, horn


  • 50-60 km to 90km* range based on flat and 75kg load
  • 32 km/hr based on flat and 80kg load
  • Climbing ability:

  • * optional feature
    Price: $2,550.-

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